Startup Logs 8 - Idle hands are the devil's workshop

May 06, 2021

Reading time: 1 minute

Devilish thoughts

Every morning I struggle to start working. I always smoke weed before starting work these days because it shifts my mindset and I can switch to code mode.

It weirdly allows me to immerse myself in what I'm doing, or is it weird?

Starting work has always been something I struggled with.

And I had a high thought.

There's a saying "idle hands are the devil's workshop."

Basically it says, if you're not productive in something like a job or project, then you'll end up causing mischief.

But the same applies for thoughts to.

If you allow yourself to sit and stew in your thoughts, devilish thoughts will emerge.

Like, "this app won't work," "no one wants to use this product," "I'm wasting my time."

And if these thoughts pop up, this is your queue to shut your mind up by being productive.

This happened to me just now which led me to writing this post. I realized, I'm criticizing my app but I have no idea what users will think. So then I realized I need to stop pondering and start working.