Startup Logs 36 - Tired of thissss

Jun 03, 2021

Reading time: 1 minute

1 month left before I have to start working again.

A recurring thought that appears is that if this fails at least I'll know what I want to do next is writing.

I don't really want to make apps or do web dev anymore I think.

Writing words and articles and books and stories is much more appealing to me.

People ask me questions and send me messages from articles I wrote months ago.

No one cares about any little app I made.

All the apps people use are made by huge tech companies anyways.

So yeah...can't wait for this to be over...except software never ends...

But I did tell myself that I would work on this project until the end of this month without judgement before I start freelancing again.

1 month left...At startup logs 66 I hope I'll have at least 100 mrr.