Startup Logs 28 - Stripe is so impressive

May 25, 2021

Reading time: 1 minute

Stripe is great.

I thought I was spending a lot of time integrating Stripe but after doing some research on Indie Hackers - - this post in particular, I learned that other people also struggled to integrate Stripe.

Then 1 post said he used Stripe Checkout and Stripe Customer Portal which basically handles the UI/UX and backend of payments and payment subscription management in a really easy way.

I'll probably have Stripe integrated within 2 days at most because I'm just going to use Checkout and Customer Portal instead of making everything myself.

Stripe makes accepting payments so fricking easy. You used to have to go to a bank, talk to someone to get a loan and open an account, and talk to other middle men to start accepting payments for your business.

I am about to start accepting payments on my web app with some code and configuration. Stripe makes that possible.

No wonder it's worth so much as a company. It makes online business so damn easy and their value is well worth it.