Startup Logs 1 - new inspiration and sick of coding!

May 01, 2021

Reading time: 1 minute

New found inspiration from carrd and getting tired of coding new features.

  • Home to 2.5M sites (created by some 1.6M users)
  • Earning over $1M ARR
  • Growing by over 10k new sites daily

Those are stats of carrd, a well known website generator in the indie hackers community.

This was shared by the founder on his AMA on indie hackers.

These numbers are very encouraging for me. I knew the market and demand for websites was high, but 10,000 new sites a day on carrd? Wow. These numbers are bigger than I thought.

There is totally enough space for another competitor.

This is new inspiration and more validation of my idea that I can make sales with my website generator.

PS, my question was the highest rated question :) that is until some super corny ass "are you happy?" ass question got upvoted to the top LMAO.

PSS here's the question and answer:

PSSS - I'm getting sick of making new features. It takes so much effort to make changes to this code base. I mean, it's not bad by any means, especially probably compared to other code bases.

I mean my architecture is actually quite well designed, but still, making changes in something with thousands of lines of code is an effortful process every time.

I'm getting into a habit of not committing to making every new feature that enters my mind. This is probably because I'm eager to start getting users and talking to them.

Once these sets of features are done, which will be a few days at most, I'm not touching the code again for at least 2 weeks maybe.

PSSSS - the founder of carrd agrees that this space is huge :)